Visual Anthropologist / Visual Corporate Storyteller 

Over the past decade, I have carefully integrated my skills and experiences: merging photography, journalism, anthropology, and psychology. With this multidisciplinary approach, I have developed and established a service that visually observes and documents long-term projects. As a Visual Anthropologist, I get to observe, participate, engage, and apply myself within organisations and projects, not only photographically documenting the behind-the-scenes, but also advising and consulting with the knowledge gained through years of observation and engagement. 

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Photographic Artist

I aim to create provoking images that are thematically focussed and set to interrogate perceptions and self-reflection on culture, landscapes, identity, and emotions. Through my visual work I capture the complex strength and fragility of the human condition, by carefully visualizing and merging layers of realities with imaginations.

My art is in constant creative evolution where I sometimes use photo-manipulation to create my imaginal works.  I have over the past decade evolved alongside my art, working inventively with various mediums, such as aluminum and silk, and other avant-garde photographic concepts.

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