New 2015 Art Collection

A new set of artworks are soon to be released, continuing an evolved style and new ideas from the previous "Expose + Appropriate = Art!" series.  

Click here to see the first artwork entitled: "Quiet Exposure", inspired by Van Gogh and Courbet.


This body of work is a combination of my photography over the past decade, that has been digitally integrated and married into parts of well-known fine art works from artists such as Courbet, Degas, Matisse, and Monet. The contexts of the original works (the photography and the fine art works) are challenged as well as bring to light the issues around appropriation, originality, and inspiration in the art world. 

"Röhrig’s images (the "EXPOSE" of the exhibit) could stand alone, worthy of their intrinsic beauty, originality, sensitivity and perfection. His choice of art ["APPROPRIATE"] is quirky and spontaneous but it is essentially and instantly recognizable..." - Shay Davis - New Heritage Gallery 


The subject is local and international, with urban and rural landscapes, examining the relationship between man and organic environment, and the manifold issues of space, people, architecture, geography, and heritage. 

The human see-saw of cause and effect in urban environments: the juxtaposition of a seamlessly integrated, jagged, craggy rock face into a Cape Town cityscape; the parched earth amid Manhattan skyscrapers…this invites critical thinking, dialogue, and reflection ( not unlike the brushed Aluminium).

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