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I will be releasing new artworks over the next few months. To view the latest works please click here to enter the Virtual Gallery.


I have been photographing for over fifteen years now, having started my photographic career learning how to shoot on film and from there understanding the art of digital photography from its very inception into the market. 

My work, which has always taken an anthropological approach, fuelled by my general curiosity of the world, established itself strongly in the black & white genre, and is to date still my favourite medium. 

My work has evolved and morphed rapidly in the past few years, ever since I ventured into experimenting with different mediums, whilst exploring my personal creative and imaginal edges. 

I feel like this is a new chapter in my photographic and artistic career, as I venture closer and deeper into my inner worlds, whilst observing the outer world with a darkening eye. 


This body of work is a combination of my photography over the past decade, that has been digitally integrated and married into parts of well-known fine art works from artists such as Courbet, Degas, Matisse, and Monet. The contexts of the original works are challenged as well as bring to light the issues around appropriation, originality, and inspiration in the art world. 

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