Rusty Tutus and Bloody Feet - 2014

"Gregor has re-visioned classical paintings and modern art, re-introducing these into the 21st century, igniting viewers imaginations all over. The South African-based artist skilfully marries the subjects of famous fine-art paintings with his urban and landscape photography.

As regards to this body of work entitled: "EXPOSE + APPROPRIATE =ART !"...

Röhrig's images [the "EXPOSE" of the exhibit] could stand alone, worthy of their intrinsic beauty, originality, sensitivity and perfection. His choice of art ["APPROPRIATE"] is quirky, spontaneous and it is essentially and instantly recognizable. The homogenous and "osmotic" union of the two have raised the awareness of "Appropriation Art", as defined below:


1. [MASS NOUN] The action of appropriating something:
1.1The deliberate reworking of images and styles from earlier, well-known works of art:
[the hallmark of postmodernism has turned out to be appropriation]

The final, original artwork appears deceptively effortless, but only a fine and keen knowledge of visual and digital media allows this seamless perfection."

Shaileen Davis - Heritage Square Gallery

Zanzibar Impressions, Sunrise. 2014

Biltong. 2014

To be an oil painting. 2014

"Theoretically it’s postmodern, combining elements of photography, digital manipulation and fine art. Culturally it’s uncomfortable, grinding the shadowy edges of religiosity with socio-psychological observances. Artistically it’s brilliant." - Gareth Pretorius - Journalist

The Dance. The End. 2014

Concert at Tu Duc. 2014

Starry night in Heidelberg. 2014

Blue Movie. 2014

Two Masters and a Mistress. 2014

What if you had a phone that could call into the past?. 2015

Night figures rising from the Swartberg. 2014

Elephant Bird. 2014

The Sleep of Kings. 2014

Devil's Golf Course. 2015

The Hand that Feeds You. 2014

...And I say to thee, he is still with us. 2014

My Lady of the Dam. 2014

Take-Away Envy. 2014

Hannah and the Holy Donkey. 2014

Humbly We Adore Thee. 2014

Madonna's lost Child. 2014

Quiet Exposure. 2015

Tormenting the Shadows. 2014

Naughty Devils. 2014

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