"Thanks so much Gregor. Beautiful photo. It will become a family heirloom. H"

 - Helen Zille, Premier of the Western Cape

"I was thrilled to publish Gregor's collection of photographs from Zanzibar at Matador Trips. They demonstrate a mastery of composition and the ability to intimately convey a narrative of the island's people, history, and landscapes. To this day, it remains one of my favorites of the dozens of photo essays we've featured." - Hal Amen, Editor, Matador Trips

"I am the proud owner of the photograph that Gregor Rohrig took of Miriam Makeba...capturing that fraction of a second that stirs my aesthetic emotions. Every time I look at it I am amazed that a mere photograph can touch me on so many levels. Not only the placing of her face, the quality of dark and light, but the emotional power embedded  in that one, specific brief moment that the photographer decided to capture. I believe I have made an excellent investment." 

- Almarie Pelser, Director - Art in the Forest

 “Gregor is an exceptionally talented photographer. What I appreciate most is his ability to capture the essence of the moment in his photographs. Gregors pictures of an event can convince the viewer that they were there themselves even when they were not.” - Siskha Brand, Manager at Hands on Wine 

“Gregor is a really fantastic photographer who has provided professional work on a pro-bonus basis for our NGO at big fundraising evenings. He followed the brief carefully, and delivered amazing results. He also integrated well with our staff and guests. I highly recommend him for any photography job.” - Laurence Esteve, MD at Zip Zap Circus School

“I worked with Gregor for a presentation at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. He delivered stunning photos of African children, which I used for the promo material as well. I love his work. He is a profound global life capturer.” - Annet de Graaf, CEO Droombos Design


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