Urban Safari

2  Day Photographic Workshop

Cape Town, March 2019

My goal is to generate enthusiasm in any photographer and raise your skill level, your self-awareness, self-confidence and production quality. And I do.

The two-day Urban Safari Workshop in Cape Town is limited to 5 participants.

The workshop is a combination of a seminar and the workshop tailored to bring you up to a more advanced level on using your camera equipment, editing and presenting images, and shooting different assignments. 

Urban Safari is a photographic workshop exploring urban landscapes in and around Cape Town. In urban landscape photography we arrive at a juncture where architectural, landscape, and street photography meet, making this a very exciting and awareness raising experience. We look at those areas in the city that are lived in and that meet with the surrounding urban environments. 

What to bring

Bring your camera, lenses and a computer with Lightroom installed for editing of photos. For the walkabout day we will select a minimum of equipment and wear comfortable walking shoes.

The second day you will need a computer with Lightroom installed (30 day trial is available) to set up a workflow, and edit the photos we did on the walkabout the first day. 

What to expect

You will meet like-minded people who want to improve their photography. The seminar is very informal and hands-on. You will be able to ask all the questions you like.

What we will deal with

People, light, cityscapes, street photography, portraits, how to handle people, timing, composition, your goal as a photographer, color control, messages in photographs, your unique talents and skills, how to set up a digital workflow, what to look for when editing, color management, speed of work, exposure, reflectors, quality of light, finding the right locations and how to share and present your photographs.

End result

You can expect to get a relaxed and simplified view on photography and realize that this is something you can perform well, enjoy and produce much more than you used to.

You will walk out from this seminar taller and more confident.

A two-day photography workshop

Day 1: (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

We meet in an inspiring environment for an introductory and basic theory seminar. Thereafter the group will get to know each other a bit better and we talk about the things we want to learn and what we aspire to do with our photography. To start the workshop and be comfortable with one and other we will go through the basics of a portraiture session, which gives us some time to be playful, reflect on our work, and the day to come. This will have us primed and ready to go out into the world to see what we can find and document.  We end the day with an informal q&a session and charge our batteries for the big day to come. 

Keywords Day 2:

Inspiration. Information. Ideas. Connection. Group focus. Portraiture. Fun. Camera Settings. Getting to know your group and facilitator. 

Day 2: (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM)

We go out as a group on a day-long walkabout. It's casual and fun. You have an overall assignment of producing three images to present to the group from this day, but the style is relaxed and we simply take a seven-hour walk with coffee breaks, lunch and lots of talking. 

We will be looking for different light conditions and we’ll work with many different situations, light conditions, compositions and people during this day.

Our walk about will cover a variety of interesting places, giving you the opportunity of exploring the city by foot, whilst on the look out for great pictures. Along the way I will be able to assist and guide you, exploring how to take better, more interesting, and beautiful photographs. 

Keywords Day 2:

Inspiration. Questions and answers, hands-on, networking, equipment, White Balancing, light meters, understanding cameras, ISO, aperture, strangers and people, street photography, architecture, finding the right light, natural photography, available light, aesthetics, focusing, correct exposure, timing, Neutral Density filters ... and lots of coffee.

Who is this workshop suited to?

This workshop is suited to all levels especially those wishing to strengthen their skills in finding images in urban settings and street photography. 

Participating photographers should have basic competence and understanding of exposure, aperture, and shutter speeds.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, or send me your details and I will get back to you. 

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