This body of work evolved from my “Between Worlds” series, and has been greatly influenced by the exposure and fascination of the natural science world. 

Whereas the previous series dealt much more with psychological concepts and ancient mysticism, this series looks at and presents the external beauty of patterns, geometry, and science.

The blossoming patterns that you see are all made from photographs (and digital manipulations) of animal skulls ranging from Crocodile-, Serval Cat-, to Mongoose-skulls.

The final product resemble snow-flake looking objects, geometric and detailed blossoming flowers, or, as the title of the series indicates, Radiolaria.

“The Radiolaria are protozoa of (diameter 0.1–0.2 mm) that produce intricate mineral skeletons, typically with a central capsule dividing the cell into the inner and outer portions of endoplasm and ectoplasm. They are found as zooplankton throughout the ocean, and their skeletal remains make up a large part of the cover of the ocean floor as siliceous ooze. Due to their rapid turn-over of species, they represent an important diagnostic fossil found from the Cambrian onwards.”

(From Wikipedia:

“Nature builds up her refined and invisible architecture, with a delicacy eluding our conception, yet with a symmetry and beauty which we are never weary of admiring.”

John Herschel

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