The Flute Player

A good friend of mine came to visit me from Germany. We missioned towards Soweto, specifically the Walter Sisulu Square. When we arrived we entered the brick faced Freedom Tower. 

A man charismatically greeted us and welcomed us to look at the Freedom Charter, which is chiseled into a round wheel of stone. His name was Tabang. 

He suddenly started playing the flute, first ordinarily blowing through his mouth. The high tones echoing and bouncing off the tower walls, when he suddenly proceeded playing the South African national anthem, this time piping air into the flute through his left nostril. 

It was amazing!

When Tabang was done playing he looked at my friend puzzled. He looked at him and realized that he had seen him before, many many years ago. They exchanged their stories and figured out that my friend used to see him and charitably contribute to the flute players previous stage, a parking lot outside a shopping mall.  

An emotional sense of realization, astonishment and recognition sunk into this charming man which then expressed itself vigorously and emotionally through his eyes and facial expressions. 

What an exquisite moment to have been a witness of. The emotions had built up from the moment he started playing the flute, and I witnessed and felt this entire scene through my viewfinder - a short film captured at a few frames a second and a handful of images to tell the story, four years later. 

Using 4ormat