Uninhabited Faces - A Lifeless Portrait Series 

Their faces are pale. They look depressed, soulless even. Separated by a glass sheet, exposed to the judgement and ogling of passers by, they pose. Obligated to show off summer, autumn, winter, and spring collections, mannequins are a species we take for granted, yet who reflect parts of our social values quite blatantly. 

The uninhabited face of a store front mannequin, a puppet that enchants us by its flawless looks, its aesthetic thin posture, and seductive clothing, is a reflection of what our social values have defined as beautiful and significant. Is there a difference between the outter appearance of a mannequin and that of a cat walk model?

One could argue that these mannequins, and their uninhabited faces, these soulless portraits, are a reflection of what our society has become. We stand in front of shop windows and see our very own reflection in the pristinely polished windows - and we gaze upon the mannequin, imaginably superimposing our body, our face onto the lifeless puppet, to convince us how perfect we could make ourselves look. 

This series of photographs aims at creating a body of work, a series of visual portraits, a reflection and indication of who we are becoming if we are not vigilant and conscious about the social context we are exposed to. 

This is a series of soulless puppet portraits - are they that much different to the images we see of ourselves, or portraits of others?  

All Photographs have been taken with an iPhone 4 and converted and distributed using Instagram. 

Using 4ormat