Exhibiting in Milan for a good cause

Meaningful initiatives and inspirational people instil and remind me of the goodness in human nature, the importance of giving back and paying it forward. It is thus an honour to be able to associate myself and contribute to a project that aims at building a new school and educate young Haitian people who have lost vast amounts of infrastructure and four years later still battle to re-build their lives after the earthquakes in 2010. Education is one of the most important means for the next generation to combat and uplift their livelihoods…

When I heard Alessandra Botto speak about this initiative, called Whakiti, during a Pecha Kucha Night in Cape Town, I knew this was a cause worth supporting. The initiative called creatives to contribute artworks for an exhibition and a charity auction held at MUBA, at the Children’s Museum in Milan. This is located in the stunning Rotonda della Beanacre, built in the 17th century. Three artworks of mine will be added to the collection exhibited and later to be auctioned. All the proceeds will go directly to the work required to finish the construction of the school.

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