Rohrig/Kofie colab - light painting by Augustine Kofie at The Lovell Gallery in Cape Town.

Process needs to be documented, especially creative process, as this takes time, thought, practice, reiteration, and has a final outcome. I followed, watched, and snapped the creative processes of Augustine Kofie over a period of two weeks, whilst he worked independently and collaboratively on his art works for the 'Gather' exhibition.

When doing archival/ documentary photography, one is privy to processes which most people are not - by documenting them the journey of this creative process is archived and additional perspective is provided.

This photo essay invites you to witness a glimpse into the series of events that have led to this gallery being filled with art works.

Los Angeles based artist Augustine Kofie spent three weeks at The Lovell Gallery producing a show. He painted a historic racing Porsche 911 inside the gallery as part of his exhibition. 

When the Porsche was completed I asked Kofie to light-paint it whilst I illuminated it with various torches and tricks, resulting in a somewhat different type of collaborative image. 

Augustine Kofie and Paul Senyol at the Milnerton Market - Cape Town - 2012

The blank canvas - Cape Town - 2012

Kofie conceptualising - Cape Town - 2012

Paul and Augustine working on some canvases which are exhibited alongside the Porsche - Cape Town - 2012

Choosing the spray - Cape Town - 2012

Shades of Spray - Cape Town - 2012

Kofie singing a fan's book - Cape Town - 2012

Kofie singing a fan's book - Cape Town - 2012

The art begins - Cape Town - 2012

Focus - Cape Town - 2012

First coat of spray paint - Cape Town - 2012

Man and the machine - Cape Town - 2012

First lines and patterns emerge - Cape Town - 2012

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