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"You have come to recognize the value in preserving the journeys of your life and investments."

"The exquisite visual record of a journey, a story, or a process is priceless."

"Inspired to capture that rare moment, your memories and journeys are preserved for the next generation."

Welcome to Definitive Process

As a Visual Anthropologist / Corporate Historian I run The Definitive Process. This is photographic service dedicated to observing, documenting, and preserving notable stories, memories, processes, changes, and experiences. Whether for a personal project or the realization of a commercial vision, Definitive Process creates a lasting record and offers visual story telling that creates insight, retains memories, observes culture, increases transparency, promotes productivity, and ignites inspiration.

By investing in long term relationships,  I have been documenting and working with start-up businesses such as HealthQ, LifeQ, Yoco, and the Zip Zap Circus. These companies now all have visual stories to showcase, visual archives to reflect on, and photographic material that promotes their achievements whilst fostering a culture of continuous transparency. 

For any brand a documented process showcases a commitment to transparency and a record of achievement. It tells the story of quality workmanship, team effort, well-crafted execution of a project and making a significant difference to people's lives. 

Your Investment

The value of a photograph defies definition. Likewise the value of a beautiful story is dependent, like beauty, on the perspective of the beholder, or in this case, the owner. 

Stories have a longevity that often defies a single lifetime and are often passed down by generations, ultimately making them priceless. Our material possessions inevitably get replaced or fade away, but our memories and stories can be archived and preserved to leave an indelible mark for the future. 

Definitive Process offers the service of visually documenting and preserving your journeys, processes, and stories that unfold during the creation of something exquisite. 

Embracing the Definitive Process means investing in legacy – and the route to achieving perfection.


Dr Riaan Conradie

Co-Founder and CEO - HealthQ Technologies

"Gregor's combination of skills (anthropology, journalism, psychology and photography) enables him to quietly observe and document our company in a very unique and skilful way. Even those with a fear of being photographed relaxes around Gregor, and this gives him the ability to capture our company process with great accuracy. 

Furthermore, Gregor is a very pleasant and considerate person. It is great to have him around and document our company. Last, but not least - he is truly a brilliant and creative photographer."

Katlego Maphai

Co-founder & MD - Yoco

"Struggling to find the right way to capture our interesting journey at Yoco, in steps Gregor with the Definitive Process to show us the way. 

Using his excellent photographic skills, in unique combination with his anthropology background, Gregor continues to visually and verbally capture important moments in our aspiring venture. His small footprint, high awareness approach really distinguishes him."


Yoco Technologies 

Creating a lasting record and offering insight into an emerging eCommerce start-up.  

HealthQ TechnologiesLifeQ 

Documenting the daily challenges and successes of a South African high-tech start-up.

Zip Zap Circus Academy

Visually documenting the design and creation of Africa's first circus academy. 


Documenting behind the scenes and the development of projects around climate change in Southern Africa.

Roar Africa 

Visually documenting exquisite luxury experiences. 

About Gregor Rohrig

Gregor is the owner and lead photographer for Definitive Process and has defined and developed the term and concept of Process Documentation. 

Long immersed in the power of the visual, Gregor, who holds a degree in Anthropology and Journalism, and continuous studies in Psychology, has proved himself as a definitive process photographer, with an established reputation for industry-leading quality, innovative and creative perspectives, and fine attention to detail. 

His experience as a photographer and journalist, business-owner, and product development manager have, over the past decade, set him up with unique skill set - one that allows Gregor to appreciate, understand, interpret, respect, and visualize people’s lives, ideas and concepts, bring them to life and endorse them as artworks. 

Gregor takes an anthropological approach, to study a process / work culture by participant observation, blending into his clients' world and documenting all possible angles. This work requires trust and commitment, qualities Gregor seeks in his choice of clients as well. 

He has worked with prominent figures, processes, and brands all over the world and  continually strives to attain far reaching levels of excellence, in both service and quality of product. Gregor has photographed personalities such as Miriam Makeba and has worked for clients such as Tag Heuer and Macquarie Bank. 

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To find out more about this specific service feel free to get hold of Gregor with your specific query or request.  

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